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In an age when every cell phone and digital device has a camera, when anonymous libel runs rampant, each day’s events are texted or tweeted, and many routinely even dine with an electronic device as their companion, Trout Point Lodge tries to remain an antidote to and respite from such commercial culture. To maintain an idyllic and secure environment of privacy and seclusion, Trout Point Lodge, Limited (TPL) asks that all guests agree to its privacy policy with regards to publications. This policy is intended as a positive measure to both provide for our guests’ ability to seek rest & relaxation and to protect both the Lodge and its guests from online attacks and defamation from anonymous sources so common in the Internet 2.0 age.

In exchange and for the additional consideration of privacy protection while at Trout Point, I/we the undersigned also agree that there shall be no unauthorized public identification of any guests by name, photograph, or any other means; no publication that will invade or injure TPL’s status as a secluded, private nature retreat open to a select number of reserved guests; and no public disclosure of any guest by any other guest or third person. The undersigned agree not to publish any message, information, text, music, sound, photo, graphic, or any other material capable of defamatory  meaning or being obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable relative to TPL or its guests; and grant TPL as the co-owner of copyright the exclusive right to demand the immediate removal of publications deemed offensive. The above surrender does not apply to mainstream print or broadcast media. Any breach of this confidential privacy position of and for TPL & its guests will be subject to any remedies available by law, be they monetary damages or injunctive relief/specific performance or both to enforce the terms of this agreement. 


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