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Chef/proprietors Vaughan Perret and Charles Leary look forward to the 2012 season at Trout Point, which opens May 1, and particularly to making greater use of local and regional sustainable seafood. One particularly exciting event is the availability of Arctic Char and European Sea Bass from Nova Scotia’s cutting-edge Sustainable Blue, which will add to resources like Eel Lake Oyster Farm in the Lodge’s home municipality and Breviro Caviar just across the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.

The availability of char and sea bass will greatly enhance the menu offerings at the Lodge, which has always focused on local seafood resources like harpooned swordfish, tuna, haddock, and halibut.

Sustainable Blue is a Canadian producer of both exotic and native species of fish, situated close to The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. It uses world leading aquaculture technology, designed in-house, in the operation of land based recirculation fish farms. It is committed to product quality, environmental responsibility and commercial success through technological excellence.

Breviro Caviar has the only CITES licensed captive breeding facility for Acipenser Brevirostrum sturgeon on the planet, and  believes in environmentally sustainable, traceable, and responsible aquaculture. The company’s ongoing commitment to research, testing and innovation produces caviar that is acknowledged to be one of the best available for its egg size, flavour, colour and nutrition.


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